Friday, February 18, 2011

Owl Purse

Do you like my cute little owl purse? I do.

I've been meaning to make this for a little while now, as my wallet has been literally bulging and I decided I would store all of my "Shop Cards" (you know, the ones that offer you discounts or just a sense of belonging) in a little purse. Of course, in true Librarian style, they are in alphabetical order so I can locate the one I want quickly!

I made this purse last night during my sewing lesson - it took an hour and a half from start to finish, which I was fairly impressed at seeing as this is only my second attempt at sewing with a zip! And the best thing is, it hardly used any fabric at all and could easily be a project to use up some scrap material (because I can never bring myself to throw any of it away ... )

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Crafty Day Out

Today was a good day.

Ash and I drove into Fitzroy, to the wonder that is Brunswick Street. My main reason for wanting to go there, was to check out the Blackbird Market in the Worker's Club, which was very good. A little small, but lots of kinda cool vintage clothing (which I wouldn't normally be interested in, but some were quite funky).

Next, we walked past Meet me at Mike's which I'd heard lots about from my work colleagues, and had checked out some of their books, so that was an unexpected surprise also.

But (saving the best for last ... ) the big excitement had been when Ash had seen a shop called The Fabric Store. Initially, it looked so trendy outside that I was convinced it was actually a clothes shop and not really a seller of just fabric. But, yes, I was wrong. Oh man ... It was incredible! The range this place has is just beyond words (especially for someone who hardly ventures out of just the local Spotlight store), and it had 50% off pretty much everything!! So I of course made some purchases, and hopefully they will be used for future projects that I can show off on here.

Then we walked back to the car and there was a parking fine on it. Oops. We decided that next time we may just take the train instead :)