Monday, August 2, 2010

Wrap Skirt

I was very excited yesterday when I could finally wear my skirt - the first article of clothing I've ever sewn - for the first time!

Let me share my journey ...

I found a tutorial online on how to make an easy wrap skirt, which I very optimistically thought "I can do that!". I already had some funky patterned material which I absolutely loved, and decided would feature in my wonderful creation, and so took a trip with my wonderful husband and picked the main fabric for it. At first, it was all going great, I was seriously thinking I would have it finished by the following day, and then came the problems ...

I will just point out that I'm not sure whether it was the tutorial that was lacking in information, or me that was lacking in experience (I suspect a bit of both, which is why I haven't included the link to the tutorial to be fair), but in trying to follow the instructions given I kept realising that it Just. Didn't. Work. My husband was great - he kept me going with suggestions and encouragement - and in the end it all worked fine. The skirt was initially meant to be a wrap skirt which tied at the side, but right at the end we realised it just didn't work so I gave it some funky buttons instead and removed the ties. I also lined it, which wasn't in the tutorial either, so I can be quite proud of my own little creation. 

I've decided though, that the next article of clothing I make will be from a pattern :) 



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  1. Brilliant!!! It looks great - and I think the buttons look better than a tie would have anyway! Keep it up!