Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Girl Dress

A little while ago, I had a good friend visit and I showed off some of my sewing projects that I was in the middle of to her. One of my projects is to make some of these gorgeous dresses, among other things, to sell on Etsy in a few months' time. Well, I hadn't even starting sewing yet - I'd cut out the fabric only - and I'd made my first sale. Hooray! It was a great boost to my confidence, because I wasn't sure if I was being too optimistic.

Here it is.

It's made of corduroy, and the facings and pocket of cotton (Riley Blake's Rainy Days and Mondays line). Perfect for winter!


  1. Too optimistic - are you kidding? This is gorgeous!! The first of many for sure!! You could even bundle it with some matching tights or t-shirt/blouse to make a complete outfit, some shops do that over here. I can see a whole range of Rachel Borg Originals on the horizon... ;) You could even get cotton labels printed up with your company name for them!

  2. I'm glad someone else is so excited about them! :) I've got lots of ideas, and so little time to experiment with them right now. But when we get back from our trip overseas, then things will be happening on Etsy for sure.

  3. Just gorgeous Rach!! The kind of thing I love dressing my girls in. Get sewing and let me know when you start selling ;-)
    x ains