Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Woollen Skirt

I know, another skirt. I have decided I really have to start making some tops to go with all of these skirt creations!

But in the meantime, I am a bit excited about this one.

I picked up some woollen plaid material a little while ago from my local Spotlight store, with the plan of making a nice, warm winter skirt. I had an image in my head, but wasn't sure whether to go with a pattern or just wing it. After much hesitation, I decided to go without a pattern and, using an existing skirt to get the sizing right, I took the scary step of cutting out my fabric.

I cut in on the bias as I knew it would fall a bit nicer, and I much prefered the diagonal plaid pattern. I also decided to use a zipper for a side fastening, and an overlocked edge finish for the hem. The wool fabric is pretty thick, so I tried to take that into consideration while designing it so that I wouldn't end up with bulky hems etc that wouldn't fit under my sewing foot on my machine!

I was a little surprised that it ended up fitting so well, and it is really comfortable and warm to wear - which is great for the icy Melbourne weather at the moment.



  1. You WINGED a BIAS skirt! Kudos! The fit is beautiful and the diagonal looks great! I have a long bias plaid skirt in cotton that I bought years ago that I still like, but the waistband is very wide and doesn't sit well - how did you do the waistband? The hemline looks very professional. You've inspired me to try now!

    1. Thanks! I didn't do the waistband properly, but it sits well (as long as no-one looks closely at it!). I left a couple of inches at the top, I overlocked the edge and turned it down, top stitching the top edge so that it sat flat. Technically, as I've discovered, you're meant to stitch down the short sides too with right sides together, then turn it right side out so that all the edges are encased. Make sense? :)