Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Camo Backback Cover - One for the guys!

This one isn't actually one of my projects, but my Husband's that I'm proudly going to share :)

I came home from work a week ago to the sound of my sewing machine whirring away, which is probably the last thing I would expect. Ash had got a new backpack for his birthday a few days before (a swanky one with a compartment specially for his camera and all it's gear), so he'd decided it needed a waterproof cover. He'd mentioned it to me earlier, to which I said it was a good idea but I didn't have time straightaway to figure it out (up to my eyeballs in sewing projects right now), so he decided to give it a crack.

He went to the camping store and bought a camo poncho (hmmm I don't think I could imagine a boy's camping night with ponchos ... perhaps that's why it was on sale... anyway ...) and then converted that using cord, webbing and a toggle and buckle to secure it. Here's what the end result looked like:

Toggle fastening (buttons are from original poncho)

Buckle fastening to secure around the back of the backpack

We went away the morning after and, given the wet weather here at the moment, it got well and truly tested and passed with flying colours.

I think I better keep an eye on my sewing machine in the future. I may have to start fighting to use it ...


  1. WOW! Go Ash! That's brilliant he had the confidence to have a bash, and what a result! If you decide to get into the sewing business full-time, at least you will have back up if needed! ;) 5 stars!

  2. Nice job Ash!! Getting visuals of Rae standing next to you foot tapping whilst your using the machine!!! Looks great.