Saturday, December 18, 2010

Super Simple Stretch Skirt

I'm really excited about this one. To give some background, I ordered this skirt from Etsy, made by Teclur, a few months ago ...

It didn't fit.

I thought I'd wait a few months until I'd lost weight, but when I tried it on again the other night I realised that it was just not the right shape for my body, no matter how much I worked out.

So. I decided that I would make one myself, as the way it was made is similar to the skirts I'd just made. Using the above skirt, I drew up a new pattern, making some changes to it, and then cut out my fabric (hoping my calculations were right!) and sewed it up and had it finished all in the same night.

Waistband can be folded, or unfolded to make the skirt longer.
And? I LOVE it!

I wore it to work the next day and it is the comfiest skirt I have ever owned, and one that I can either dress up or down. And. No ironing required. Hooray!

So the first thing I'm going to do on my return from holidays is see what other colours the fabric comes in, and make some more. And eventually play around with some applique, and be the owner of the

Coolest. Skirts. EVER.