Friday, January 28, 2011

Setting up my Sewing Area

At the end of last year, I decided I would need my very own sewing area, as opposed to everything sprawled out onto our dining room table (usually resulting in a frantic relocation whenever we had visitors around). This was easier said than done, seeing as we live in a Unit with smaller than usual rooms. The final decision was that we would merge it with our music room, so we now have a Music/Sewing room (which should prove interesting when we have friends over for a music jam!)

I spent a lot of time measuring and planning so that I could prove to Ash it could actually work - by looking at the original setup of the room, you never would have believed it.

We picked up a desk off ebay for $10 (it's actually a really good and sturdy one!) and Ash has already drawn up plans to make me a cutting table which will go in the corner between the desk and the piano (the unit with the tub drawers will sit underneath it, that's where most of my sewing supplies are kept).

I need to fit all of this stuff, plus my fabrics, into these few shelves ...

I decided to make a few things to make my Sewing Area a little bit personalised (and to save some $$$). So I found some scraps of material and made myself a very simple pin cushion, and also a pen holder for all my bits and pieces (made from a tin can).



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  1. How cool is that!!! I'm glad you managed to find a space, it makes hobbies so much easier and more motivating! I like your pin cushion and can cover - I've been thinking about making can covers for the kids felt pens, etc as a project to do with Emily, yours looks great!